Welcome to Beech House Studio & my work

I sleep, eat and breath knots let me share with you…

• A sailor, I am always looking forward to my next big sailing adventure.

• For over 8 years I have been selling online at BeechHouseStudio.etsy.com , please browse and at local summer shows. It has been the best experience, allowing me to share the flavor of sailing and the water through my knots.

• I work to get the best rope for me and you. If you wish to know the origins of any of my ropes, just ask.

• I offer a friendly, personal touch and encourage interaction making your purchase enjoyable and memorable. I am always open to questions.

• I look forward to opening a new studio on Brunel Road, Huntsville in the next year – currently under construction – more news about the progress can be found on my Facebook/BeechHouseStudio page or on Instagram/BeechHouseStudio.

• Every knot from my shop  – BeechHouseStudio.etsy.com is made by me.