Mark & Karen, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
Mark & I, Fairhaven, Massechussets

Welcome to Beech House Studio

Growing up by the sea on the beautiful shores of Newquay, Cornwall, England. I eventually followed in my fathers footsteps to the sea.

I brought my passion for water, rope and knots over to Canada with me where I now live and work in our log Cabin amongst the lakes of Ontario. In the snowy winter I love nothing more than sitting by the fire and making knots in the rocking chair and in the summer sitting on the deck in the sun, before sneaking off for an afternoon sail in one of Mark’s handmade wooden boats.

I can get very busy with weddings and local summer shows, so my husband sometimes takes time out of building wooden boats to help me, but I pride myself in ensuring that work to give the best service I can to every customer, whether local or on the other side of the world. I like working with my customers and brides, I enjoy answering your questions and making sure your purchase from me is a personal and pleasant one. My cotton rope is North American, my hemp is Canadian and you are welcome to ask about any of the other ropes listed.

I will never not be a sailor, it is in my blood and now living in Muskoka. My inspiration today comes from the lakes, the rivers, the sea and my home in deep in the woods of Muskoka. I have adapted those nautical knot designs (centuries old) to make ‘one off’ beautiful and nautical pieces ready to grace your homes.

My New Studio & Home

We live in a beautiful Log Cabin in the Woods, so why move? I work from home right now, my new studio will be open and accessible to everyone. My husband (Mark mainly) and I are building a passive house, an environmentally friendly home and studio space near Huntsville over the next two years. PassiveHaus Explained in 90Sec . We have 3.75 acres amongst some beautiful beech trees (hence the name) and will be keeping you updated. In the meantime, I shall be continuing to make home and wedding decor for you. You can follow along with me in my journey to build a new studio here and hopefully come visit me in a couple of years, Selling online at Etsy and will be locally at Summer Shows.