Let me tell you a little bit about myself…

I love cake and birthday parties…as you see here.

I grew up in Cornwall, England – a pretty little town called Newquay, by the seaside.






I started sailing when I met my husband Mark, (a fabulous boat builder) in Bristol England and we took off for a year long amazing (yet crazy) adventure on a leaky old 100 year old boat! Now a book. and great read – Life Boat.





Now a proud Canadian Citizen, I live in Muskoka, Ontario. I do miss my family and my mum comes over each year. I try to get back to visit my sister, nieces and nephew as often as I can.

My husband is busy building us a new home and studio (I help as much as I can, as I enjoy being a part of the process). It is PassiveHouse construction, (orientated to the sun and very, very thick walls) and we are looking forward to warm winters. 

If you want to follow our build on Brunel Road, Huntsville then news and photos about our home/studio can be found on Facebook page or on Instagram. Also all the latest news about shows, products and lots more.





My purple anchor. Purple is the colour for epilepsy. I have had epilepsy most of my life (30+ years). I am very lucky with my epilepsy and my wonderful business, working from home has allowed me to work on my passion for the last 8 years. I love my little purple anchor, don’t you? There is a purple day for epilepsy.