Custom Muskoka Banners

This Muskoka Banner, is fabulous Muskoka Bunting for the summer and are my new designs, they include muskoka chairs, maple leafs, canoes, moose, bears, bear paws, loons and can be customised with your wording which will stand the test of time. They can be hung outside in you garden on your deck and they are will look great.

I  had these stencil designs for my burlap banner made with the the classic nautical Muskokan icons designs and they will available at Rosseau Farmers’ Market,  at  Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Summer Show or are available now -online at my website. You can have sayings such as Lake Rosseau, Lake Muskoka, Lake Joseph, Muskoka or why not have one of my Canada Signs for Canada Day!! Want to save on Shipping? Why not contact me about pick up? I am local.

Banners can be customised by Beech House Studio
Banners can be customised by Beech House Studio

Lake Rosseau Banner


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