My rope cotton doorstops look great against your door. These are available in a cream, navy blue and brown rope. These are fresh and bright and look fabulous.  Everywhere there is a door, one of these will look great.

☀️For mixed ropes doorstops: or contact me.

The monkey fist knot is an old but amazing knot. – The monkey fist also called a sailor’s knot it was used to pass lines from a ship to shore or from one ship to another ship.



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• ½ inch off white pure cotton rope (rope made at cotton mill in the USA for me)

• ½ inch navy blue cotton rope (rope made & dyed at a cotton mill in the USA for me)

• ½ manila rope (rope from the Philippines)

• mix of ropes available.

• Dimension approx 6 inches at widest (contact me if size is requirement)
• Monkey Fist knot/Sailor’s knot
• Weight Approx 1.8 kg (plenty for normal door) – larger available –

• Gift wrapping available – will send direct
• Made by me!